Tuesday, June 4, 2013

a memorable farewell party

The last 3 days had been amazing for me. We (Samto, Angeline, Adriana, Shelly, Raymond, Cindy L, Jane, Delfina, Nelson, Catherine, Andy, David unyu, Devin, and I) went to brastagi to have a little farewell party for samto. Hmm idk how to start. I guess this is going to be a longgggg post. Close this tab if you are busy lol :p

Day 1 (01/06/2013)
Everyone agreed to gather at shelly's house, umm not her house specifically, her kos. I was the first one to arrive. Shelly and I had our meal while waiting for others. Then, one by one arrived at shelly's kos. We originally decided that everyone ought to arrive by 12. But eventually we set off at 1 pm because some are 'ngaret'. ini medan, bung! Kalo ga ada yang ngaret, bukan medan namanya. Lol i was just joking, no offense ya hehehe. We eventually arrived at brastagi after 2,5 hours of non-stop gossiping, ho pua ft sip pun was our topic teehee. We took some photos there. After that, we went to the only one traditional market to buy some fruits. I never imagined how it was to buy things and bargain prices with my pals at a traditional market. Lol so funny. We bought some sunkists, oranges and passion fruits. We also bought bracelets for each of us, so that every time we saw that bracelet, we could remember our trip that day.

After buying things, we bought food at resto asia, and the headed back to villa. After having our shower, we had our meal.

Mouthful of french fries
Then, after everyone's ready, we were playing games, chatting, incessant gossiping, laughing till we drop, and the last session was heart-to-heart talks with samto. We confessed everything related to samto. Everyone was so touching and tear-jerking. Most of us even cried, a lot. I am an emotional person, but idk what happened to me that night, i couldn't cry even though my heart was so lugubrious. I only shed one or two tears, hmm. We 'buka-bukaan' (throw away you dirty mind, i mean we share secrets, hmm) until 2 am. We slept soundly after that hahahaha.

Day 2 (02/06/2013)
Rise and shine! Kinda embarrassing, i was the 13th person to wake up. I told jane to wake me up but she didn't -_- we showered, had breakfast, blablabla and then had a long photo shoot at balcony. Samto was leaving that day, so we had loads of photos with him.
Somebody tell me how to look nice on photos! -.-

The clock showed 10.38, it's time for samto to bid farewell with us. Lol don't be serious, he's really leaving in august, so we can still meet him haha. We went to the only amusement park at brastagi, mikie holiday shortly after that. Mikie was so crowded that day, so we had to queue for some minutes. My adrenaline was produced a little bit much, so i dare to ride all machines, even the extreme ones, but T-rex. T-rex is seriously too extreme, i afraid i would feel nauseous. We had so much fun that day. The day was getting dark and foggy, so we left mikie.
Omg look at my hair. I was like struck by high voltage electricity hahahaha!
We went back to villa, rode bicycle and then got ready for dinnertime. We had our dinner at warung kaki lima along jalan jamin ginting. I never ate at there with my family, so it's funny to eat there with friends. On our way back to villa, someone suddenly said that people only check in on foursquare if they are going to prestigious places, what if we check in at low class places? Lol, we did. We checked in at Warung Muslim Anugrah and Bandrek Abi Cayank Ummie. We ate at warung anugrah, but we even didn't know the existence of that alay bandrek stall, someone coincidentally found this on 4sq and told us. Lol we laughed till our stomach ached! Hehehe. We walked around the complex. We were so crazy that time, ahh very memorable. We were singing songs, telling jokes, etcetc. Coincidentally, ia 10 students were staying at the same complex, so we visited their villa. Daebak 35 ppl in one villa, how did they manage to get shower, someone else would brb rite? We were like soooo sksd, luckily they don't mind it and they were so amiable towards us. We even had a group photo with them. 

As usual, we chatted until midnight then had our beautiful sleep, alay wkwk.

Day 3 (03/06/2013)
Clock ticks fast, 2 days time elapse in a blink of an eye. We were going home that day. It's 06.34 in the morning, i was the 3rd to wake up yeayy, lol though i slept again for 1,5 hours and woke up at 8 :p We had breakfast, showered, and then packed our stuff. We went to villa clubhouse to take photos.
Just like going back to childhood :D

We went to pasar brastagi again to buy home some fruits. I bought 2 kg of passion fruits lolol. We headed to Taman Alam Lumbini afterwards. We prayed and had a walk there. We walked to the top and found some gym-like stuffs so we rode them. We also saw a big and eye-catching playground there. We saw no securities, so we stepped inside and played like a crazy one. Then suddenly the security officer showed up and pointed at us, omg what an epic embarrassment. Finally we headed to the last destination before going back to medan, The Hill Hotel & Resort. The hotel was so natural and had many animals, artificial lake and beautiful gazebos. We had our lunch there. Even though the meal wasn't cheap, but the taste was worth it. Nomnom. We took several photos there hihihihi. The sky cried and was getting dark, so we had better went back to medan.

Congratulations for having finished reading this tedious blog post. I'm just writing something i can read and rewind our memories later when we are adults.

Girls from left: Delfina, Jane, Catherine, Veronica, Cindy L, Angeline, Adriana, Shelly
Fellas from left: Andy, Devin, Raymond, Nelson, David, Samto

Massive thanks to:
Adriana Salim for providing us villa, transportation and everything else. Maybe this trip would not be as successful as we had if there were no you and your kakak and your om supir.

Shelly Triana for arranging this trip so well that we had abundant snacks and food and comfy trip! I miss your sexy voice lolololol

Angeline Josethang for sharing the idea of throwing a farewell party at brastagi. I am so happy that you recommend brastagi, not sun plaza or other mainstream places in town. Hahahahaha

Samto Wongso for being our main star of the trip! Hihihihi

David unyu for providing us transportation and driver!

And Cindy Liantono, Jane Tarmiya, Raymond Harris, Catherine Ng, Nelson AK, Delfina, Devin Xu, and Andy Wijaya for making this trip flawless. You guys had made me understood the real meaning of friendship. I love you guys to the bones. Thank you!!

Byeeeeeeee!! Have a nice summer holiday guys!