Monday, September 30, 2013

I laugh hard. I play hard. I joke a lot. I am who I am. It's up to you to accept me or like me or whatever you name it. I don't really care. I am fed up with facade of ppl. As long as I still have time, I am gonna rock my final high school year with laughter, sweet memories and craziness. Don't be so judgmental and hold back your stares bcs we don't give a damn :)

P.S. you are such an infuriating cutie pie.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I guess I begin deserting my blog all over again. Welllll, it looks like my old habit of abandoning blog visits me again hehe. Imma such a bad blogger. Btw, it's late midnight or maybe veryyy early morning now, and I feel like chattering. A lot.

Ya know, ups and downs fill my life recently. It's kinda perplexing that something bad actually has its bright side, vice versa. Well, of course after getting through thorough self introspection that everything happens for a reason, or a reason behind it, or whatever else. Like for example, my monthly exams scores were disastrous that I almost shed tears. Thankfully, I did NOT. My scores were really so bad, like the worst I've ever scored. EVER. I am eminently disappointed with myself. But who else to blame, but myself? Thank God, I learned how to deal with predicament. I was so surly and totally mute for couple of hours after getting the stupid result. (Which I think is normal to be sad). Then I realized, why was I be reacting this way? Not all things happened just the way you wanted it to be. Be realistic. It's ok to be sad, as long as you don't cross the limit. Although you cried until your tear glands explode, it won't change the fact. You've got some more chances. Ok, time to move on. After that totally-mute-and-do-not-disturb-me mood shifted, here I am, the laughingstock and non-stop chattering vero return from the oblivionland. Yeah, even though my scores were as bad as hell, but i know my close friends are so nice to me. They comfort me. Yeah, everything is not entirely bad, right?

I guess August has been the most dramatic month of the year. Loads of things happened. Some of them are vicious. Some are dreamy. Some are soothing. Some are unfathomable. And now that August is over, say hello to September! :)