Monday, December 31, 2012

page 366 of 366 :)

finally, it's the last day of 2012. it's new year's eve! *cheers* hmm i'm not gonna make any resolution for this year because i always end up forgetting my resolution (even sometimes i forgot my resolutions already on march). ehm. i just wish that in this new year, i become a better person, in every aspect indeed. :D

since today is new year's eve, we planned to have some barbeque and playing fireworks with my cousins at my granny's house. tonight is gonna be a good night. i love playing with children :D teehee

i'm afraid i cannot blogging tomorrow, so i wish u a happy new year 2013! :D

Sunday, December 30, 2012


does anyone know how to delete tweets in bulk? i have tried twitwipe, tweeteraser, tweetdelete, delete all my tweets, and they don't work. eeerrrrgghhh. i have 47K tweets now and i desperately wanna delete my old tweets. i regret so much why did i spam a lot when i was in jhs. some people consider having a lot of tweets is cool, and i used to think it was cool. but now, errrggghhhh feelin so regretful. i hate having many useless and meaningless tweets. i plan to create a new account, but i'm too lazy to tell people to follow me back. hmm, full of dilemma, no?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

i caught myself -_-

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds.

4. Have Fun!!

From Cindy Japiter's blog.

Today more than yesterday

We were in love (?)

Jet lag (?)

Play my music

i knew you were trouble. Lolll

juliette (??)

Love. Hah? Lol

Hold up

Everyone is number 1

WHAT IS 2+2?
The one and only you Lolllll

Only thing i ever get for christmas

What if i fall in love with you (?)

The boys (?) What? Lolll

Tear drops on my guitar lolll

Speak now (?)

Alice (underground) hah-_-

It's love (?) Lolllll


The edge of glory 

It can only get better -_-

i caught myself ._.

happy mother's day ♥

Well, my mom may be not the best mom in the world, but deep inside my heart i know that she is the best mom. I can never imagine how is my life without her. Without her patience, her care, her loyalty, her love, i would be nothing. I really appreciate every single time we spend our quality time together. I am so thankful for having such a caring mom. Though there may be times we argue, i still love you unconditionally and deeply. I love you mother ♥

Friday, December 21, 2012

random questions

1. How do you define honesty?
When someone says something without thinking for long time and responsible for it.
2. What is your biggest fear or worry?
3. What is the main thing that makes you unique?
4. If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what is the one thing you would grab on the way out?
My phone. Lol
5. What facial expression or movement do you do when you are lying?
Avoiding eye-contacts
6. What is the oldest item you own?
Idk lol
7. If someone was to give you one gift, money is no object, what would you want to receive?
Sneakers :p
8. What does it mean to have courage?
Telling your crush that you like him/her using your own mouth. Aaawwww lol
9. Do you like your name?
Of course!
10. Do you have a nickname? What is it?
Yes, Vero
11. If you could have any special magic, what would it be?
Reading everyone's mind (?)
12. If you had three wishes, what would you wish?
I wish for happiness, health and 3 more wishes :p
13. What is your greatest strength?
...... idk 
14. What is your worst weakness?
15. If you could predict the future, what would you do with that knowledge?
Of course to get rid of bad things
16. Is your favorite time the past, present or the future?
17. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
18. Who is the one person that helped to make you who you are today?
My best friends
19. If you were punished for a crime, what type of punishment would you choose?
Get fined 
20. Describe a time you got into trouble.
When you haven't done homework your principal told to do, then he is going to check it one by one and then find out that you are the only one who have not done it. :o
21. What do you do when you first wake up in the morning?
Seeking for water uuhhhh
22. What makes you a good person?
Be kind
23. What would your obituary say?
24. What is your greatest regret?
Procrastinating and then rush to do sth on the last mins
25. How would you describe standing on a beach looking at the ocean?
26. What is your favorite outfit to wear?
Denim trousers with T-shirts. Woah so casual
27. What do you do when you are driving alone in a car?
I do not drive leee
28. If a friend is being bullied or harassed by someone, what do you do?
Advise that bully to stop bullying. If it doesn't work, tell teacher lol 
29. Reflect on the characteristics of your best friend. What makes him or her so special?
So kind-hearted
30. Has anyone close to you passed away?
Yes, my grandpa and a friend of mine. 

an epic 'doomsday' (?)

They said 21/12/12 was a doomsday, well, it was not for me. 21/12/12 is obviously the day which brings happiness to me. Today was really something :p

So, today we had maths exam. As you you know, the subject that i hate the most is MATHEMATICS. It's like a nightmare for me. My previous scores for maths were really low which means i have to put more effort to cover up my bad scores. The day before exam, i almost cried because of maths. Trigonometry is the way too complicated for me. Seriously. I even had an agreement to myself, if my score is above 75, i will laugh for 5 mins non-stop in front of my friends. It might sound very silly, i know. So last night i kept motivating myself that i can do it. Yea, sometimes self-confidence is crucially needed and i proved it today. Although i didn't get perfect score, but i was happier than having a perfect score for another subject. I was really thankful and one word: elated.

After exam, since today was the last day of torturing exam, we (Jane, Jevlin, Delfina, Angeline, Wenderlin, Samto, Devin, Malvin, Andy and i) planned to go chilling out at thamrin plaza. We had lunch at QQ and went to cinema to watch Silent Hill 2. The movie was quite flat and i don't like it. I still prefer The Possession though. After the cinema, we went to The Haunted Mansion (lol ane lebay :p) rumah hantu which takes Titanic Ghosts as the theme. LOL it was so ridiculous because when we got inside, we only saw a pirate ghost and the rest are local ghosts, like pocong, kuntilanak, etc. This rumah hantu was really congested. We waited like 20 mins to queue. When we were on the queue, we planned some strategies like don't scream 'aaaaa' when you're scared, but yell 'baca pre-U yieeaakk' instead. Holding hands tightly so that you couldn't get lost (?) and do not push each other and don't run. Lolll. The track is quite long and dark and full of ghosts who will chase on you. It was fun after all. hahahaha!

So, here comes my holidayyyy. But i haven't thought of sth worth to do on holiday. Hmmmmms. Adios, have a nice holiday guys :D

Sunday, December 2, 2012

the hangout

today, i went to sun plaza with my singaporean cousin. we watched 'the possession' at sun 21. the movie was so scary and nice. then, we talked about like almost everything. she told me about her life in singapore and i just found out that singaporean chinese teenagers and medanese chinese teenagers have complete different styles. for example:
singaporean teenagers wear casual outfits, what i mean by casual is they never wear high-heels and dress at malls. they only wear them on special occasion like parties. at malls, they only wear t-shirts, jeans with flip-flop or sneakers, and less make-up. some (i said some, not all :p) of medanese teenagers (i am excluded :P) wear high-heels, u-can-see shirts, hot-pants, mini-skirt, blazer, boots, dress, make-ups, a hand bag on left hand, and a gadget (like iPad) on right hand. she told me that medanese teenagers are too 'over'. well, i agree. 

singaporean teenagers are really liberal. it's like they are free to go out at night and go home at almost midnight. moreover, she told me that hugging, kissing, and cuddling are very common. i was surprised. she also told me that 3/4 of students are smoking at her school. wow, this is insane -_- (i don't know teenagers from other school, so i compare it with my schoolmates, no offense but i think we are morally better :x)

P.S. this is so subjective and i wrote it based on my opinion. no offense.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Heyyaahhhh, today is 10/11/12. It's my birthday.
Thanks for the wishes and the gifts guys.

Bye. :-)

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I don't know but suddenly i like this quote. 

Lol, 'why so serious' is inspired by ajo. :p

I am being so random tonight. Anw, i am looking forward to next week. Sooooo excited :D 

It's almost midnight. Gotta sleep, good night :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yay! Finally, the day i have been waiting for has come. Freedom!! The stressful and depressing exam week has been over. Finally, i could have some decent sleep. During the exam week, i was owl-like. You know, studying until midnight and taking naps at noon. Peculiar, i know cramming is a tough job, but why do i always procrastinate?

i know this time my scores will be terrible. Who cares maaaaan.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Soooooooooo, tomorrow 2nd monthly exam begins. Lack of preparation. Mentally down. Chemistry is the first subject. Hmmm, i am still not ready yet. I am so scared that i am gonna fail. And i am still wondering why do i write this blog instead of studying chemistry. Wish me luck!!! Au revoir :p

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

then i realized

Hi guys. Sorry for not updating this blog frequently. I was so busy -___-  loads of homework and quizzes keep on haunting me. So depressed because of this new system.

So today we were having biology quiz. Nights before the quiz, i didn't study at all. I knew it was my fault. Then, yesterday, i did study. But, time ticks fast and i hadn't memorized all the materials. After struggling for a few hours, i was desperate. I know that i wouldn't make it. So, i slept and let all the worries flow with my dream.

It's the day! I was so freaking afraid that the materials would come out from campbell or other sophisticated and advanced books. Plus, my friend's friend told me that there might be some questions out from the text book we learnt. So, she suggested me to use google. Just imagine, i sit on the second column, row 2, in front of me there were no people, because two of my friends were absent and they moved to another seat which is less scarier than sitting on row 1. P.S. i am not blaming them and i would never do it because they were doing the right thing. So i planned to move our the desk behind row 5, second column. While we were moving the desk, some of my classmates started yelling at us. Yes, i know we were doing a selfish deed. The reason why they yelled at us because they are afraid that if we moved, the second column would look peculiar and the teacher would be monitoring us from behind. I was on a massive dilemma. I had to choose either friendship or a nice bio score. After a long consideration, jane suddenly decided to sit on our original seat and she let me to stay on the wicked seat. Of couse, i am not a jerk. I would never want my bestie to suffer herself while i heavenly sit on the wicked seat to cheat. No way. So, in a flash, i moved all my stuffs back to my desk. Then, the deer came in....

During the test, I tried to cheat. I opened the text book, prepared my phone so that i can search the answer through google. But, the reality, when i tried to peek the book, my heart's beating fast, my hand was as cold as snow. Aigooooo my bad for having 'mental tempe'. I succeeded copied some phrases from text book. And the rest questions i answered them based on what i learnt because deer kept staring at us. EPIC FAIL

well,  we shouldn't have moved to the back row if in the end we moved back to the original seat. Ckck. So that's all. I would like to apologize to you guys because we had been arrogant. Ummmmmmm adios.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ashamed. This word suits me the best. Lemme tell you why.

This morning, i got my monthly test tabulation. My scores are so freaking bad. As predicted, math is burned by super hooooot fire. Well, actually i dont really sad because days before math exam, i had mentally prepared that i would get bad score. The distressing one is my chemistry score. It's really unpredictable and i hate it to the coreeee. Ignore my babble. 

Now, i realize and i hate the fact that principle teaches us chemistry. He is super duper merciless and i think i prefer the former teacher. Grrrrrrr this morning he said that almost half of the class get red marks. Even there is someone who got 30. Ohmygod. I am so freaking afraid that i am one of them. Desperate

Pardon me, i know there are many grammatical errors on this post. Just ignore it. I am not in mood to type. Hufffftttttttt

Sunday, August 26, 2012


  i crave for cupcakes recently. i got these pictures from tumblr. kinda cute, aren't they?

i used to buy these cute jellies when i was on primary school. i guess you did too, rite? :p

hello mr. doggy! i found this pic on tumblr. the dog looks so classy and i'd call him sherlock doggy holmes. lol

see ya on the next post :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

always be thankful :)

This post will be quite long. Hehe found the inspiration while watching daai tv true story dramas. Enjoy :D

When you think that your life is so atrocious, believe me there are more people in this world who have tougher life than yours and they are still living their life positively.

When you think that you hate school because of the stupid exams, lots of assignment, school dramas and obnoxious teachers, believe me that there are so many poor adolescent that even don't have chances to taste the excitements of school.

When you think that your family is not as wealthy as others, believe me you are more lucky than those who even don't have houses to reside in, decent clothes to wear, and three-time meals to eat each day.

When you keep grumbling because the internet connection is so lame, you are more lucky than those people who even don't know what is internet. You can still read this blog post, though.

When you think that your today's meals aren't scrumptious enough, there are millions of people died because of starvation, millions of poor who eat cassava porridge without any side dishes every single day. Okay, just stop comparing what your friends eat and what you eat. Because sushi and nasi padang make no difference, they are basically made of rice though.

When you feel that you lack of your parents' attention, please reconsider those orphans who even don't have parents and they are still able to live happily with other orphans as well at orphanage.

When you feel that you hate your holiday so much because your family don't go overseas for vacation, just shut up and enjoy your vacation in your own way in town. You can visit town's museums, parks, malls or just staying at home doing what you are supposed to do. You are so lucky, because there are people who need to work even though it is holiday.

At last but not least, be thankful of who you are, because how hard your life is, God will always give you the way. Life is too short for us to compare our life with others' life. God bless.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


YAY! Finally a week of torturing exams has elapsed. So elated

My 1st monthly exam's scores weren't satisfying. I got many bad marks, i even got 1 burned mark. it's maths, well my bad. Thankfully physics, mandarin, biology, civics, and english scores were good, though there were no perfect scores. Teehee.

During the exam, i studied like crazy, particularly when i was studying biology, i wasted 7 hours to memorize it all. Well, not exactly 7 hours because i wasted some to procrastinate hehe. Cramming is a tough job, but it gives kinda different satisfaction when you succeed on getting high scores. don't mind this crazy principle because only idle person like me will use it. LOL

So, eventually it's holiday again, tho it only lasts for 1 week. I don't have any plans to fill my holiday. I guess it will be boring week. Do you have any ideas? Don't tell me to touch my books. I ain't touch my books for 1 week. I will not. 

See ya on the next post. Adiosssss ~

Friday, August 3, 2012

the hectic week

This week has really messed me up. All assignments and quizzes come to me at once and the deadlines are so close since all scores should be submitted by August 6. Big thanks to sutomo. I think sutomo should remain their former system which is easier for us. The new system is too burdensome for me.

For homework's sake, i sleep at 11 every night and wake up at 6. Normally, i sleep at 10, and 60 minutes make a huge difference for me. Our teachers are so merciless. They give loadsssssss of homework and i think this is just the beginning of the ordeal. Year two is really absolutely definitely earnestly tough.

Nowadays, i looked so lugubrious and desperate. Well, i am afraid of sth that is something that i am afraid the most. Ok, pardon my stupid murmur.

Anyway, the first monthly exam is drawing closer. And guess what, i do it once again. No significant preparation. Teehee. My tutor said 1st monthly test is just a kind of 'bonus stage', the real one is 2nd monthly test. Hmm, i hesitate with that sentence. On quizzes, i even didn't do so well, so how about the exam? Ckck.

Hmm why am i so slothful? I've been searching for an answer since a long time ago and the answer seems impossible to be found. Hmm

Monday, July 23, 2012


Something terrible happened. This noon, Jane and i were having lunch at food stall near school. We ordered fried kwetiau and fried noodle. We were waiting for about 15 minutes. During that 15 mins, we were chatting, and blabla :p when we started munching our food, "duaaaarrrrr" an explosion was heard from another food stall beside the food stall where we ate.  Formerly, i thought it was just an ordinary explosion, like motorcycle's tire was explode or what. It was LPG explosion. Then, i heard women and many students went out and screamed. Suddenly, some people who were eating went out and screamed fireeeee! Some people splashed water to extinguish fire. Then, jane and i panicked. All i wanna do was ran away from that creepy place and went back to class. But before i went back to school, jane stopped me and i took a glance. She reminded me to pay for the food we ordered. Oh la la, such a forgetful person i am. When i saw the black smoke from that stall, i started trembling. That scene was really creepy.

I hope that scene will soon be vanished from my brain :( God bless...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

first week of school

Time flies. Sometimes it's unbelievable that time flies so swiftly...

First week of school has passed. 

Teachers are all good to us, though i prefer senior 1 teachers. I think my recent teachers are more serious and have that 'cold' feeling, though there are still funny teachers. If headmaster allows me to change some teachers, i will be glad! i will replace our biology, math, P.E, computer and civics teachers with the former ones. Teehee :p *for real, i miss Bu Lie Lie so much* *sobs* *.....and bapak running man* ok, new term, new teachers -.-

Hmm, classmates. The faces are still the same, excluding 4 new students. The shocking news was Diba and WJ moved to regular class. It's not that their scores were bad or what, but they decided to move by themselves. Anyway, we should respect their own decision :-) we will miss you :')

For me, school is a nice place where you can chit chat with friends and have fun. But it ain't a pleasant place when they come. they are bunches of homework and stressing exams. 

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hi. I recently made an account on instagram. For those who don't know, instagram is a social networking whom the users upload their photographs. This is a free application that you can find on iOs as well as android. Tadaaa follow me on instagram: veronicaphing . If you want to be followed, tell me your username. Thanks :-)

These photos were edited by instagram. Not bad, right? Cheersss.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

the agreement

A few days before final exam began, my dad called me. He asked me whether i had prepared well for the exam. I told him i didn't study at all, because basically i would be cramming during exam *hehe . Then, he asked my 1st semester parallel rank, so i said i got 60-s. Then he asked me someone's parallel rank, i said he got 40. After that, i said "if my ranking is higher 30 or more than his rank, then what will you give me, dad?" *woah, i'm so materialistic* lol i didn't mean like that, i just wanted to be appreciated. *plok plokkk* He thought for awhile, and then he said he would give me a new tablet. Hmm, ok, it seemed possible so i said "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" :D
*p.s. he is someone who got the first rank on my former class.

After we stated the agreement, i became kinda panicky. I afraid i would be the loser. So, i decided to learn math, physics, and chemistry first because i'm super lame at those subjects. Eventually, the day had come. I was so nervous. I kept praying.

Thank God, my results were quite satisfying. My parallel rank was also higher 35 rankings than his rank. So happy, glad, joyful, grateful, blablabla hahaha. As what my dad had promised, i got a tablet♡ . happy ending wkwk

Monday, June 25, 2012


the gorgeous Lake Toba!

first post

hi guys! this is my fifth blog. my first and second blog seem like too childish, so i am not going to share the links, hihi. here's my third blog and fourth blog links. feel free to check 'em out!