Sunday, May 25, 2014

the end of the beginning

Months have passed, days have elapsed, everything changed. Got this random midnight urge to update this blog. Tbh idk how to start this bcs i literally got tonnes to tell.

Within only a few months, eveything changed. I slacked, had fun, being carefree, doing everything with my best friends! We even had small mini food contest and other silly events loollll. My final year at school was literally the best among all, no kiddin, tho we got really busy back then. surprisingly, I blabber a lot with some ppl i never imagine i would converse with, lol im not that bad i just had some issues in the past. I just got crazier and spent my time fooling around when i was supposed to focus on my study instead. But everything is too late~ and btw i dont feel any regret bcs everything was so fine. Hmmm anyway our class <The Skyscrapers> had short trip to brastagi on june 22. It wassssss so fun! And i wish i could rewind it. I miss you guys already!

I just can barely grasp the fact that i am no longer attending school, which means i am officially graduated from high school, i am now an unemployed person (someone pls hire me maybe?) and still havent got my ID card which i was supposed to get them last year but i am just lazy retrieving it and they dont send it to my house and i think it wasnt useful but then i realize i need it to get driving license or whatsoever. I think i just rapped [it's double p ladies and gentleman jsyk]. Oopssss hehehe

My future is quite obvious. I need to score high for sbmptn. Btw i am so sad that i couldnt make it to UI and ironically i even havent had the test. My parents dont let me. They dont even let me choose Pharmacy - UI as my first choice. Btw i am not being arrogant or what by thinking that i definitely would be offered a space at UI bcs its freaking hard to enter that uni, it's just my parents dont even give me a chance to attempt it. I know this is cruel, but life goes on. In the end i chose pharmacy at USU. Wish me luck folks for the exam!

Actually there were a lot to tell you guys but its too late alrd and my brain stops functioning, so call it a night shall we? Hehehe