Monday, December 30, 2013


Hi. I am so sorry for deserting this blog, like again.

Santa's reindeers have gone back to north pole. Christmas decorations are soon to be removed. Yes, christmas may have been over, but heyyy, new year is just around the corners! Nothing special happened on xmas, obviously, because my family doesn't celebrate this event.

2013 has been such joyful and bittersweet and troublesome year for me. I just can't believe it's over in just a few more days. 2013 changes me a lot. Like ex i started putting some basic makeup, and many more! I will surely miss 2013 :( too many memories to be forgotten. Hmm, now i started wondering whether i accomplished any of my 2013 resolutions. I am still super lazy, it gets worse instead, sighs. My weight has been stagnant, or maybe i get additional 2 or 3 kgs. Thank God i still don't need to do diets. I really seldom do any selfie now, which is a good news(?). I also don't tweet that frequently anymore. My buddies still love me despite my silliness and craziness, kekekeke.

2014. Since i am graduating this april, i do not know whether to be excited or not for new year. I always hate farewells. We all will be separated, towards universities across the world. Bleh. Gonna savour the remaining time of togetherness with my buddies, well when it still lasts. This is so heart-breaking ya know!

Time surely flies. Btw this pic was taken at cemara, surprised? Hmm, nah.

Life goes on, i know. Better things won't come if old ones aren't replaced. Hmm can only hope for the best. I still haven't figured out why i am so galau right now. 

This post is so unimportant that i still dont get it why i posted this anyway.....