Saturday, November 15, 2014

blessed 18

November 10 is the day i always look forward to each year. I don't know about you, but birthdays are important to me and i have expectation that it ought to be a good one every year. Almost all of my birthdays were niceee, gratefully, and thank people around me for always making it nice. This year's november 10 was awesome.
Birthday macarons, because birthday cakes are too mainstream! Besides this little french treats have lots of flavors and it feels so festive! :p
At midnight, he surprised me, i mean really surprised me with his and his friends' (and actually mine) video call. It was sooo funny and i forgot to screenshot, poor me. I really appreciate all his efforts to make my birthday an awesome one, from taking me to have early birthday dinner, personally giving me early birthday present, arranging a group video call though i know you're sooo busy and such. I know 'thank you' is always not enough.

Shortly after that, i surprised my best friends with a fact. They went frantic and blame me for not telling them earlier. Hahahaah sorry but it was funny anyway, rite? Later, my best friend posted a used-to-be-controversial pic of me and him on ig. That's when everyone knew the fact and i was flooded with questions. Well, funny to surprise people on your birthday! Teehee. 

Oh i also got a package from depok and probably a postcard from osaka (still on the way though). Thank you! Long distance friendships are cute! Can't wait to reunite with my best pals in december!! I miss you guys so bad already.

On november 11, my pharmacy friends surprised me with a birthday cake! It was surprising because i though they would be celebrating it on monday, but they didn't. The distraction was cool and i never saw it coming! Thank you guyssss. 

One word to describe my 17: transformation. I really felt myself changed a lot during that year. Also, there were a lot of things changed! Thankfully, the changes were leading to positive way. My 17 was one of the best years in my life, if not the best. I love you guys for making my life seem easier to deal with. 

One of the lessons my 17 has taught me, be true of who you are, don't try to alter yourself for anyone else because when you did, you lose the right person, and worse, you lose yourself. Everyone is born uniquely, and if you are bold, keep being bold and i promise you someone would come along and love you for who you are. 

"Some people lose diamonds in search of stones." Be thankful of everything given to you and make the best out of it! Don't ever take people for granted. :)