Sunday, March 8, 2015

pro and cons

Hi! Finally i'm here after such a long hiatus. Honestly, i was going to post about my recent trip to Aceh, i even typed half of it already, but yeah hahahahaha pls excuse my indolence.

Today, i'm gonna talk about social media. Some people think social media ruins one's real life. It makes people become awkward while communicating in real life. Direct speeches and convos become shorter or less intense, etc. But for me, social media is beneficial.

Friendster was my gate to the world of social networking. I still remember, we were still in sec 1. My used-to-be bestie and i would sneak out to internet cafe just to access our friendster page. (Our phones can't access internet back then in that era). Just imagine how possessed we were, Friendster while everyone else played the online game called Audition. Hahahaha so imbecile eh.

After the friendster raid, here came something more interesting called Facebook. It was 2009 when i first joined facebook. The alay frenzy was spreading like virus. Almost everyone typ3s l4iK 7h1s on their status and comments. And not to mention those shameless edited selfies. Ergh if you happen to embarrass someone, just stalk their 2009 or 2010 posts, so hilarious i swear!

Twitter. My english savior.
My english skills were foul and mortifying. No lies. I didn't attend any english courses or tuition or anything you name it. I used to tweet or write anything using indonesian. Sooo one day, one of my classmates tweeted sth like "Do you bla bla bla", so i absentmindedly replied, "Yes, i am." Then that person replied me telling that my english was so bad. From that moment on, i solemnly promised to myself to improve my english. I tried to tweet using english as often as possible. I followed a lot of english quote acc and tried to translate the quotes. Yes, hardwork never betrays. Slowly but sure, my english was finally decent. My english became even better when i had the courage to read english novels. Voilá! Here i am. Soooooo grateful that Twitter was invented or else my blog must be still in indonesian.

I was so curious about Instagram, when my classmates connected instagram to twitter. But instagram was only available in iOS devices back then. Once instagram announced that it was finally available on android, i was ecstatic! After going thru some process, i finally got an android tablet. (I told you alrd on earlier post). Instagram opened my eyes, that the world is actually so vast and beautiful. I learned a lot things from instagram too. My hobby of editing photos is so influenced by instagram too! I have a dream to produce pics like how those travel bloggers do, someday! I feel like having different perspective on seeing things, yeah thanks to instagram. It really inspires me a lot.

I actually still own other socmed accounts, but they tell no tale lol. Pinterest (it inspires me too!), Path,, (line, bbm and skype don't count right? Hahaha)

Though i told you socmed is beneficial, it also has negative impacts. Like i become so attached to internet, that one day without internet could make me dying. Nomophobia. :(

So till next time maybe. :)