Friday, October 11, 2013


I don't care if you reckon my life is dramatic or boring or childish or whatsoever. I am really contented for what I am and what I have now. Though of course everyone always wants more, but still, I am glad :)

I used to be afraid to know what people thought about me. Like, I really cared about their bad remarks about me and loathed knowing someone else hated me. But now, I just don't care about those lousy fake people. I am just gonna stick to my unpretentious and real friends. I cannot be more ecstatic to have such awesome and lunatic buddies!

Sooo, recently my friends challenged me to behave more maturely for mere one day. (Lol yeah, I realize ok, though I am 17 soon, but my attitudes are a little bit immature). I accepted the absurd challenge insouciantly.
D-day! I changed into a placid and calm person. I spoke calmly. I giggled womanly. I threw no joke. And I was not loud! Eminently not my true self! Well they were surprised. (I figured out that little people knew about my one-day transformation which is good, bcs it was embarrassing ya know!). They said I was unnatural and stiff. Well of course I couldn't be natural. It was not me, obviously I couldn't be comfortable, rite?
A lesson learned: be yourself! :) you are unique and awesome in your own way.

I always love going hangout with my buddies. Drops of excitement always pumps into our blood and loudness always follows. :D

¡Buenas noches mis amigos!

Friday, October 4, 2013



Our first lesson was mandarin, and we had quiz. Lol I didn't study it at all last night, so yeah.. Luckily the questions weren't so hard, so I could finish it successfully. Then, chemistry lesson, no peculiar things happened. Next, bio lesson. Woah, perhaps I was beginning to build anger since bio lesson. Someone, idk intentionally or unintentionally asked and commanded me rudely. I was so upset. Yeah, but I still had stock of forbearance. So okay, though I didn't deserve to be treated like that bcs I never talked that rudely towards anybody, even a stranger. Okay, now lips are closed, I don't wanna trigger more problems by letting you know the real situation :x Next, religion, we watched some nice videos. Last one, physical education. We also had exam. Actually the exam was fine, and I got 95 which weren't a reason why I was so upset later on. Okay, ready for the climax? The test was over. Jane and I were ravenous already and our tummy really needed to be refilled. So we headed to block A canteen to grab some food. There were crowd of people there. At first, I ignored them and I went to buy food. The situation got more intense and wild. I knew it was not my business. But I couldn't help but stared at them. Those stupid junior high were fighting. Judging from their posture, like junior 1 or 2. Like seriously? You fought in public?! Everything was so messed up and loud and uncontrolled. I was so confused. Unexpectedly, I shouted at them. With everyone's eyes staring directly at me. I shouted, "Woi, lu lang si bo nao hyo?" Translation: "Eh, you guys have no brains huh?" P.S. They are all strangers, I even haven't met them once. OMG I was so shocked. I myself also didn't know how those words spurted from my mouth. Maybe it's because surge of adrenaline consumed my whole body that I sputtered at them. Then after that, as if I was a psycho and invisible they continued fighting. This time I couldn't hold back the anger. I stared them with the most vicious eyes I could manage and I said, "woi lu lang kira ane hebat liao hyo sio phak khi kantin?" Translation: "Eh, do you think it's cool to fight at canteen?" Then jane told me to calm down and told BP. My hands were trembling and my head was spinning. I really couldn't accept the fact that I exposed my anger in public. Really embarrassing. Another 'first'. I told my friends that I shouted at canteen and they said it was so unbelievable, and they regretted that they missed the opportunity to witness my anger. LOL. Jane was so lucky to witness such rare emotion of mine. :P *mercurial mood swings*

Btw my friends and I are recently study spanish autodidactically. Lol though today is only the second day of learning spanish teehee. It's really more fun to study something new along with your friends, it motivates you a lot! :D Believe me, if you say english is difficult, español is ten times as difficult as inglés is.

¡Buenas noches! ;)