Sunday, November 10, 2013


I guess this photo pretty much sums up my 17th birthday. I am really really happy today. I was throwing small party, hmm, not a party though, just a simple and humble birthday treat. Too bad i could not throw a large party, but i am feeling so blessed and grateful though. I was lucky because my birthday neither fell on exam week (it never happens) nor on weekdays. Thank you for coming and brightening my special day. I really appreciate all birthday greetings and wishes. Gracias mis amigos!

17 means more responsibility and maturity. But well since everyone says age doesn't signify maturity so yeahh.. ehem. lol i am being so vague.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


OMG I am gonna tell you my absurd experience tonight!! LOL laugh all you want ok!

I attended Adriana's birthday party tonight. I arrived and then I was told to write wishes on a card. The card was then put at an owl's house(?). Everything was fine so far. We took photos, chatted a lot, ate and was enjoying the party. Then out of sudden, the emcee said he was going to call some wishes-card writers. I even teased delfina saying that she would get called. Then... the emcee called 'veronica'. OMG I was surprised. I thought it might be someone else. So I looked around, I was the only veronica there. I went to stage and read out loud the wishes. It was so awkward wkwkwk. Btw I got a present lol. Ok embarrassment level 1 completed.

Here comes the peak of embarrassment. The emcee told adri to summon(lol) 6 ppl consisting of 3 males and 3 females. Shelly was the first to be picked, then cindy tan, albert, raymond, and edwin. She took longer time to scan the crowd. Her eyes finally spotted me and said sth to shelly and I was chosen. You can't imagine how my face looked like. So I went to the stage with the other 5 victims. Emcee told us about the game and rules. We were then divided into 3 couples. Shelly & RH, CT & AP, and edwin & me. I previously wasn't acquainted with him, so you know it was so awkward having a stranger to play a game with you in front of massive crowd. OK. CAN YOU ACTUALLY IMAGINE THAT? I thought we must have gotten the last place, ckck.

First mission: partners' leg should be tied. And we should walk fast to the edge of stage and then come back. It hurt like hell to run with tied leg.  Even worse, we didn't synchronize our steps so it was chaotic. But somehow we managed to finish at first place. We get to choose what we should drink. Choices: JUS PEDAS (spicy juice), JUS WANGI (fragrant juice), JUS MAKNYOS (extremely thick coffee). Without any consideration, I spurted that I chose jus wangi. Then the waitress serve it. My first impression: finely diced raw avocado + water. Ohh easy. I absentmindedly drank it without thinking twice. I took large gulp, and everyone cheered me. Wow the emcee said I was so brave. Something wasn't right. Then, after drinking it, wow my tongue tasted spicy, this is not good. The bokasi emcee then told me that it was PETE JUICE AND IT WAS NOT AVOCADO JUICE. Omg for God's sake. I ever tried 1 piece of pete when I was a kid and directly puke it. So until tonight I've never eaten pete anymore. I DRANK A GLASS OF PETE JUICE TONIGHT. Omg another achievement unlocked. My breath smelled like rotten carcass. The soon-to-be-punched emcee laughed me a lot till his stomach hurt. And so did the whole crowd in that hall tonight. OMG. Such a silly laughingstock I am.

Mission 2: we should walk fast again with rope tied legs. We finished at second place this time. We sing children songs with lyrics from another song. Edwin sang potong bebek angsa with burung kakaktua lyrics. Absurd. This mission was actually the easiest from all.

Mission 3: we should mimic the dance instructor's gesture. We danced chicken dance which obviously the easiest from gangnam style and goyang sesar.

Well, judging time! We were judged based on audience's applause. We WON though. HAHAHA

My breath was so smelly that everyone avoided me. The EO was too cruel!! I even kumur-kumur using coca cola but it didn't help.

Andddd I was suddenly so notorious tonight.  Everyone calls me gadis pete. Oh no. Even, some strangers (aunties and uncles) whom I never met before said I was so cool and brave. Veronica si gadis pete ane keren. Ok great, now everyone knows me Veronica, the pete girl.

In conclusion, adriana's party was the best birthday party I've ever attended. No offense though. I really had fun despite the pete juice trolololol. Definitely once-in-a-lifetime experience :D