Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy, grateful, thankful, ecstatic, gratified, blessed. I guess even those words can never truly express my feelings towards my pals. Don't overestimate my close friends. My buddies are just a bunch of ordinary students entrapped in the same class as i am. They are soooo far away from being perfect. But i guess it is our imperfection that bonds our friendship as a whole. They are sometimes so moody and obnoxious that i wanna crunch them in a gulp. But sometimes their understanding and attention is so lovely and perfect that i wanna hug them immediately and burst in tears. They sometimes crack a joke so well that my stomach cramps from laughing too hard. We share secrets and tease each other. They even sometimes criticize me in a way no one could do but close friends. My close friends are like sisters and brothers to me. I love you guys. And i mean it. :)