Friday, October 31, 2014

ask questions and what?

truth to be told, i used to hate this not-so-new social media called this socmed literally is full of nosy people. no kidding. i even told my bestie that i wasn't going to be influenced by anyone to make an account there. but everything changed when i saw my pharmacy friends getting so bombarded by euphoria. i became curious about what this socmed could do, thus, i made an account. btw my id is veronicaphing, and yes you are welcome to ask me questions. tadaaaa. at first, it was indeed fun. people asked me questions about my opinions about themselves and vice versa. but, in the end i think it's so boring. (it's only been 2 days lol.) boredom level vero.

but i am not saying that is totally useless. i was beyond touched and exhilarated to know that my bestie is indeed my real bestie. she literally knows me inside and outside. there were some ridiculous high school moments which i almost forgot but she still remembers those. blessed for having somebody so nice as my best friend. i undoubtedly treasure our friendship.

anyway i was highly criticized as an absentminded person. previously, i always picture myself as a nosy and noisy person towards my close friends. but the truth, jane said i lacked at giving attention towards her that surprisingly made her feel like i was not her friend. omg. i was really not aware since when i developed this trait. i am so sorry for being trashy.

my new friends also told me their first impressions on me. most of them said i was so silent. hahahahhahaha seriously, i was never pictured as a calm and taciturn person in my entire life. well, you guys really need to cope with my talkativeness once we are closer.

happy halloween! they say it's the 666th time halloween falls on friday and the next one would be in 2025. anw, tmr is november already and i am so excited! teehee bye!