Monday, July 23, 2012


Something terrible happened. This noon, Jane and i were having lunch at food stall near school. We ordered fried kwetiau and fried noodle. We were waiting for about 15 minutes. During that 15 mins, we were chatting, and blabla :p when we started munching our food, "duaaaarrrrr" an explosion was heard from another food stall beside the food stall where we ate.  Formerly, i thought it was just an ordinary explosion, like motorcycle's tire was explode or what. It was LPG explosion. Then, i heard women and many students went out and screamed. Suddenly, some people who were eating went out and screamed fireeeee! Some people splashed water to extinguish fire. Then, jane and i panicked. All i wanna do was ran away from that creepy place and went back to class. But before i went back to school, jane stopped me and i took a glance. She reminded me to pay for the food we ordered. Oh la la, such a forgetful person i am. When i saw the black smoke from that stall, i started trembling. That scene was really creepy.

I hope that scene will soon be vanished from my brain :( God bless...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

first week of school

Time flies. Sometimes it's unbelievable that time flies so swiftly...

First week of school has passed. 

Teachers are all good to us, though i prefer senior 1 teachers. I think my recent teachers are more serious and have that 'cold' feeling, though there are still funny teachers. If headmaster allows me to change some teachers, i will be glad! i will replace our biology, math, P.E, computer and civics teachers with the former ones. Teehee :p *for real, i miss Bu Lie Lie so much* *sobs* *.....and bapak running man* ok, new term, new teachers -.-

Hmm, classmates. The faces are still the same, excluding 4 new students. The shocking news was Diba and WJ moved to regular class. It's not that their scores were bad or what, but they decided to move by themselves. Anyway, we should respect their own decision :-) we will miss you :')

For me, school is a nice place where you can chit chat with friends and have fun. But it ain't a pleasant place when they come. they are bunches of homework and stressing exams. 

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hi. I recently made an account on instagram. For those who don't know, instagram is a social networking whom the users upload their photographs. This is a free application that you can find on iOs as well as android. Tadaaa follow me on instagram: veronicaphing . If you want to be followed, tell me your username. Thanks :-)

These photos were edited by instagram. Not bad, right? Cheersss.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

the agreement

A few days before final exam began, my dad called me. He asked me whether i had prepared well for the exam. I told him i didn't study at all, because basically i would be cramming during exam *hehe . Then, he asked my 1st semester parallel rank, so i said i got 60-s. Then he asked me someone's parallel rank, i said he got 40. After that, i said "if my ranking is higher 30 or more than his rank, then what will you give me, dad?" *woah, i'm so materialistic* lol i didn't mean like that, i just wanted to be appreciated. *plok plokkk* He thought for awhile, and then he said he would give me a new tablet. Hmm, ok, it seemed possible so i said "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" :D
*p.s. he is someone who got the first rank on my former class.

After we stated the agreement, i became kinda panicky. I afraid i would be the loser. So, i decided to learn math, physics, and chemistry first because i'm super lame at those subjects. Eventually, the day had come. I was so nervous. I kept praying.

Thank God, my results were quite satisfying. My parallel rank was also higher 35 rankings than his rank. So happy, glad, joyful, grateful, blablabla hahaha. As what my dad had promised, i got a tablet♡ . happy ending wkwk