More About Me

Hello strangers!

Here are some ice-breaking words. :)

My name is Veronica. I am turning 18 this November. I am a Chinese Indonesian girl who resides in Medan, Indonesia. My body is lean, not too short yet not too tall for Asian. I have reddish dark brown hair, darkest shade of brown irises, and not-so-tanned-yet-not-pale skin. I like turquoise, greenish turquoise specifically. I am an omnomnomnomnivore who basically eat everything but chili. I graduated from Sutomo 1 high school and now I am going to University of Sumatera Utara majoring in Pharmacy! :)

Random facts:
- Stereotypically, Indonesians are awesome chili eaters and couldn't eat without chili. But i have aversion to chili and i cannot stand eating it. (A hint of chili is still okay though, and the spiciness of satay padang couldn't stop me eating it :p)
- I like twiddling with my hair, esp when i am bored
- I walk fast, but i do not run. I bet you know the difference ;)
- Rain (esp when i am not at home) makes me feel very insecure and worried
- They say i am so gullible
- My life is seriously too short to have crush on celebrities. Yes, you might suppose I am not a normal teenager, but who cares! :)
- Romantically awkward is really worse than socially awkward fyi.

Come, let's be friends!
Twitter: @veronicaphing
Instagram: veronicaphing
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