Saturday, November 15, 2014

blessed 18

November 10 is the day i always look forward to each year. I don't know about you, but birthdays are important to me and i have expectation that it ought to be a good one every year. Almost all of my birthdays were niceee, gratefully, and thank people around me for always making it nice. This year's november 10 was awesome.
Birthday macarons, because birthday cakes are too mainstream! Besides this little french treats have lots of flavors and it feels so festive! :p
At midnight, he surprised me, i mean really surprised me with his and his friends' (and actually mine) video call. It was sooo funny and i forgot to screenshot, poor me. I really appreciate all his efforts to make my birthday an awesome one, from taking me to have early birthday dinner, personally giving me early birthday present, arranging a group video call though i know you're sooo busy and such. I know 'thank you' is always not enough.

Shortly after that, i surprised my best friends with a fact. They went frantic and blame me for not telling them earlier. Hahahaah sorry but it was funny anyway, rite? Later, my best friend posted a used-to-be-controversial pic of me and him on ig. That's when everyone knew the fact and i was flooded with questions. Well, funny to surprise people on your birthday! Teehee. 

Oh i also got a package from depok and probably a postcard from osaka (still on the way though). Thank you! Long distance friendships are cute! Can't wait to reunite with my best pals in december!! I miss you guys so bad already.

On november 11, my pharmacy friends surprised me with a birthday cake! It was surprising because i though they would be celebrating it on monday, but they didn't. The distraction was cool and i never saw it coming! Thank you guyssss. 

One word to describe my 17: transformation. I really felt myself changed a lot during that year. Also, there were a lot of things changed! Thankfully, the changes were leading to positive way. My 17 was one of the best years in my life, if not the best. I love you guys for making my life seem easier to deal with. 

One of the lessons my 17 has taught me, be true of who you are, don't try to alter yourself for anyone else because when you did, you lose the right person, and worse, you lose yourself. Everyone is born uniquely, and if you are bold, keep being bold and i promise you someone would come along and love you for who you are. 

"Some people lose diamonds in search of stones." Be thankful of everything given to you and make the best out of it! Don't ever take people for granted. :) 

Friday, October 31, 2014

ask questions and what?

truth to be told, i used to hate this not-so-new social media called this socmed literally is full of nosy people. no kidding. i even told my bestie that i wasn't going to be influenced by anyone to make an account there. but everything changed when i saw my pharmacy friends getting so bombarded by euphoria. i became curious about what this socmed could do, thus, i made an account. btw my id is veronicaphing, and yes you are welcome to ask me questions. tadaaaa. at first, it was indeed fun. people asked me questions about my opinions about themselves and vice versa. but, in the end i think it's so boring. (it's only been 2 days lol.) boredom level vero.

but i am not saying that is totally useless. i was beyond touched and exhilarated to know that my bestie is indeed my real bestie. she literally knows me inside and outside. there were some ridiculous high school moments which i almost forgot but she still remembers those. blessed for having somebody so nice as my best friend. i undoubtedly treasure our friendship.

anyway i was highly criticized as an absentminded person. previously, i always picture myself as a nosy and noisy person towards my close friends. but the truth, jane said i lacked at giving attention towards her that surprisingly made her feel like i was not her friend. omg. i was really not aware since when i developed this trait. i am so sorry for being trashy.

my new friends also told me their first impressions on me. most of them said i was so silent. hahahahhahaha seriously, i was never pictured as a calm and taciturn person in my entire life. well, you guys really need to cope with my talkativeness once we are closer.

happy halloween! they say it's the 666th time halloween falls on friday and the next one would be in 2025. anw, tmr is november already and i am so excited! teehee bye!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

yay or nay?

Yep, feeling grateful! Tho i know we were the last generation whose photos of us weren't taken using mobile phones. Who cares. I still remember playing mamasak (cooking) using plants as the ingredients with neighbors. I still remember i used to go to neighbor's home so that we could play dokter-dokteran (doctors and nurses) using stuffed animals as our patients. Playing dramas as fruit sellers using monopoly fake money. Playing congkak with cousins. Tag and hide-and-seek almost every day! And soooo many more. My childhood was pretty tho i was a bit rebellious lol. 

I wonder what kids nowadays would tell their future kids about their childhood. Oh maybe, they would say: hey kid, you know what. Mommy used to have 1760 followers including Justin Bieber on twitter, my ig photo was liked by 7802 people, i had 27605 different selfie poses on iphone, your grandparents bought me iPad, iPad mini, iPad air, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Galaxy S5, Note4, Xbox 360, PS 4, blablablabla. My favorite song was Anaconda by Nicki Minaj (eww). My favorite tv show was Silet! And i loved Ahmad Dhani LOL. Just kidding :) Technology ruins you. Unobtrusively. And i am so ruined that i won't go a day without my phone huhuhuhu

Till next time! xx

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I looked back to my past loaded with so many bitter-sweet memories. I try to picture myself as an infant through series of photos bcs obviously i forgot how it felt to be a baby (people say that everyone has minor amnesia, which means we can't remember anything related to the first 2 years of our lives). How easy it was to be an infant and cute toddler because all you did was waking up to loving parents, drinking milk, crying, sleeping and the cycle went on. But it seemed like an invisible stage of your life bcs we didn't have any vision about our infant and toddler life. Well, it obviously was not my favorite stage of life. 

Subsequently, we reached our preschool years. I didn't remember much. Only the joy i had along with my fellow friend and cousin when it was recess time, bcs we would spend it running and playing around school yard plus seeking for caterpillars (YEP! We were naughty). Seems like it was the only memory i had lol. 

My primary school years were mediocre. I still recalled i was that smart and self-centered girl. I used to think that i am the best and everyone else is a step behind me (here's the dirty little secret, i always got 2nd rank, only got 1st once). My friends were little at class, yea because of my selfishness. But i changed, didn't i? 

Junior high school. Hmm the years when all your hormones show off. I did so many embarrassing things during those years. Having your first crush, texting with alien language (re: alay), editing your selfies with oh-my-God-why filters, stickers, texts (oh you still could find those embarrassing photos, just type 'veronicaphing' on google photos.) Jhs 3 was when i found out who i really was and the real meaning of friendship.

Senior high school. The most colorful phase of my life. OMG I WANNA GO BACK (or not). Despite the distressing exams, annoying teachers, endless assignments, childish dramas and huge burden, the fun parts paid it off. Seriously, i had no regret and i sincerely thank myself for having fun (while maintaning nice scores [except bloody math]). I am so so sooo grateful that i met a bunch of nice people whom i can always count on. Without them, my life would be in monochrome. Though we are now separated into different parts of the world, i have huge faith that we will meet again! Missing each one of you so badddddd alrd. 

Here's what i am trying to say. I had a lot of stupid and embarrassing experience, but who cares? It's over! No matter how notorious or preposterous you are, soon, all of em will be your past. Everything will pass and you're gonna be alright. Let us strive to be a better person and let time heal what's incurable. Don't ever give up. You can't change your past. Make the best of your present. Future is still a mystery yet it brings hope. :)

P.S. i'm starting my college life technically tomorrow (well, it's sunday already). Tbh i am not excited. More like nervous.
P.P.S. my longest holiday in my life is about to be over. Frankly, so many things happened during my holiday (so glad). And it's the least boring holiday ever!
P.P.P.S. tonight is my last night as a night owl. I am sooooo gonna miss being night owl, especially spending those nights with the right person. Well, say hello to veronica, the early bird!
P.P.P.P.S. seems like i need to stop this p.s. thingy. Thank you for spending your few minutes reading this post. Much love! xxxx

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a tough yet bright comet

I know i should have my spirits up at least on my first semester of college. But somehow seniors' words are haunting me. Endless assignments, very packed schedule, strange environment, brand new people, hectic days, sleepless nights, and even stupid and unreasonable rules. Well, at least i don't meet calculus anymore. *trying to cheer myself up* Goodbye to my easy and lazy days :') i miss high school so much, because even when the days were hard, i somehow feel so much less burdened. And much happier.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

now the blind monkey

Nobody could predict the future. Even when you were sure something was gonna happen, but in the end it didn't. Well, who to blame but your lame expectations? 

Distance sucks in the way it never has. Now it's crystal clear that distance could change everything, even good friendship. "Life goes on, vero, you gotta move on.", says someone who's tryna to grasp what kind of crap is going on. 

This may look like a pathetic dandelion, but actually it never is pathetic. Funny not funny.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

fortuitous monkey

Hi everyoneeeeee. Finally I come back after a long hiatus. Gonna fill you up with another event or maybe many events of my life. Stay tuned hehehehe.

I am officially a college student now. I got accepted at University of Sumatera Utara majoring in Pharmacy, my first choice. (I hope i won't regret this decision.) Relieved and grateful! Brand new environment and meeting whole strangers freak me out especially when I came from private school which means I wasn't really used to socialize with native pribumi. (My bahasa really sucks cos my mother tongue is hokkian). But I believe it doesn't matter because we socialize with people not the color or appearance or social status. As long as you are kind, you are welcome! Wish me luck for finding new gooood friends and awesome uni life!!

Here's another thing. Some people say that a girl can never have a boy as best friend or confidant. Well that one is the bullshitest bullshit ever. No kidding. As long as we could 'connect' well, why should we limit our best friend circle to girls only? And btw not all close boy friends need to be your boyfriend. Relationships don't last but friendships do! That's the point. Sooooo recently I met (not exactly encounter bcs we were classmates for 3 years already but he recently became much less sucks and oh btw I used to hate him). We become really close these recent months. One of the nice things about him is we could actually blabber about anything, YES ANYTHING. We could chat until 1 or 2 am and our best record is 4 am. Could you imagine that??? Yea that is exactly what happens when 2 talkative people talk. Feeling grateful to have him as best friend whom I can confide in. Well he almost understands me as well as I understand myself and maybe that's why our chats are so lively. Someone whom can bear my talkative self is awesome, hence he is a little awesome (teehee)

Well sometimes I wish everything good would stay stagnant. And i wish everyone good never leaves. But only a naive thinks like that because life goes on. Like a roller coaster ride, sometimes life brings you to top and bottom. Enjoy the ride and you'll be fine!

And Mr. Time could you please slow down a tad. I am freaking out here bcs you elapse really fast and I am afraid I can't keep up with your pace.

Till next time! xx

Sunday, May 25, 2014

the end of the beginning

Months have passed, days have elapsed, everything changed. Got this random midnight urge to update this blog. Tbh idk how to start this bcs i literally got tonnes to tell.

Within only a few months, eveything changed. I slacked, had fun, being carefree, doing everything with my best friends! We even had small mini food contest and other silly events loollll. My final year at school was literally the best among all, no kiddin, tho we got really busy back then. surprisingly, I blabber a lot with some ppl i never imagine i would converse with, lol im not that bad i just had some issues in the past. I just got crazier and spent my time fooling around when i was supposed to focus on my study instead. But everything is too late~ and btw i dont feel any regret bcs everything was so fine. Hmmm anyway our class <The Skyscrapers> had short trip to brastagi on june 22. It wassssss so fun! And i wish i could rewind it. I miss you guys already!

I just can barely grasp the fact that i am no longer attending school, which means i am officially graduated from high school, i am now an unemployed person (someone pls hire me maybe?) and still havent got my ID card which i was supposed to get them last year but i am just lazy retrieving it and they dont send it to my house and i think it wasnt useful but then i realize i need it to get driving license or whatsoever. I think i just rapped [it's double p ladies and gentleman jsyk]. Oopssss hehehe

My future is quite obvious. I need to score high for sbmptn. Btw i am so sad that i couldnt make it to UI and ironically i even havent had the test. My parents dont let me. They dont even let me choose Pharmacy - UI as my first choice. Btw i am not being arrogant or what by thinking that i definitely would be offered a space at UI bcs its freaking hard to enter that uni, it's just my parents dont even give me a chance to attempt it. I know this is cruel, but life goes on. In the end i chose pharmacy at USU. Wish me luck folks for the exam!

Actually there were a lot to tell you guys but its too late alrd and my brain stops functioning, so call it a night shall we? Hehehe

Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy, grateful, thankful, ecstatic, gratified, blessed. I guess even those words can never truly express my feelings towards my pals. Don't overestimate my close friends. My buddies are just a bunch of ordinary students entrapped in the same class as i am. They are soooo far away from being perfect. But i guess it is our imperfection that bonds our friendship as a whole. They are sometimes so moody and obnoxious that i wanna crunch them in a gulp. But sometimes their understanding and attention is so lovely and perfect that i wanna hug them immediately and burst in tears. They sometimes crack a joke so well that my stomach cramps from laughing too hard. We share secrets and tease each other. They even sometimes criticize me in a way no one could do but close friends. My close friends are like sisters and brothers to me. I love you guys. And i mean it. :)