Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hellooooooo! Finally I have time to update my blog :D due to the distressing monthly exams, I was busy until I had no mood to update my blog hehe. I'm not gonna talk about exam. I'm gonna tell you about my experience today!

Today is the last day of exam. Formerly we wanna go to sun plaza, but the plan was ruined-.- so, we went to Thamrin Plaza instead, since it's the nearest mall from our school. it's ok tho, tp is not really bad. Today's weather is extremely hot and I think we'll faint before reaching the destination if we walk on foot. So, malvin suggested us to take the minibus (it's called sudako (not sadako, obviously wkwk) in medan). I was like 'what?' But since I was in good mood, I agreed anyway. YOLO!! After waiting like a few mins, the sudako got in. Thank God the driver was so patient, he didn't even complain us for being too noisy. Well, we all get insane while hanging out with pals, rite? Hmmm maybe it's just me ._. After reaching TP, we immediately headed to pizza hut, bcs we are starved alrd. When the order was ready, like usual I started taking photos of them. But guess what? The waitresses were so rude and stared at me when I took the photos. I mean, who do you think you are? Instagram is very famous and everyone starts to take photos of their surroundings, so why look at me like I am a freak? Ckck. Who cares, yolo! :) after filling our starving tummy up, we headed to cinema. We watched Warm Bodies. This movie is quite good, funny, thrilling and a tad romantic. The male main star looked so awful as zombie, but he turned to be a good-looking man as human. Aaaaaa~

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