Friday, October 11, 2013


I don't care if you reckon my life is dramatic or boring or childish or whatsoever. I am really contented for what I am and what I have now. Though of course everyone always wants more, but still, I am glad :)

I used to be afraid to know what people thought about me. Like, I really cared about their bad remarks about me and loathed knowing someone else hated me. But now, I just don't care about those lousy fake people. I am just gonna stick to my unpretentious and real friends. I cannot be more ecstatic to have such awesome and lunatic buddies!

Sooo, recently my friends challenged me to behave more maturely for mere one day. (Lol yeah, I realize ok, though I am 17 soon, but my attitudes are a little bit immature). I accepted the absurd challenge insouciantly.
D-day! I changed into a placid and calm person. I spoke calmly. I giggled womanly. I threw no joke. And I was not loud! Eminently not my true self! Well they were surprised. (I figured out that little people knew about my one-day transformation which is good, bcs it was embarrassing ya know!). They said I was unnatural and stiff. Well of course I couldn't be natural. It was not me, obviously I couldn't be comfortable, rite?
A lesson learned: be yourself! :) you are unique and awesome in your own way.

I always love going hangout with my buddies. Drops of excitement always pumps into our blood and loudness always follows. :D

¡Buenas noches mis amigos!

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