Tuesday, July 29, 2014

fortuitous monkey

Hi everyoneeeeee. Finally I come back after a long hiatus. Gonna fill you up with another event or maybe many events of my life. Stay tuned hehehehe.

I am officially a college student now. I got accepted at University of Sumatera Utara majoring in Pharmacy, my first choice. (I hope i won't regret this decision.) Relieved and grateful! Brand new environment and meeting whole strangers freak me out especially when I came from private school which means I wasn't really used to socialize with native pribumi. (My bahasa really sucks cos my mother tongue is hokkian). But I believe it doesn't matter because we socialize with people not the color or appearance or social status. As long as you are kind, you are welcome! Wish me luck for finding new gooood friends and awesome uni life!!

Here's another thing. Some people say that a girl can never have a boy as best friend or confidant. Well that one is the bullshitest bullshit ever. No kidding. As long as we could 'connect' well, why should we limit our best friend circle to girls only? And btw not all close boy friends need to be your boyfriend. Relationships don't last but friendships do! That's the point. Sooooo recently I met (not exactly encounter bcs we were classmates for 3 years already but he recently became much less sucks and oh btw I used to hate him). We become really close these recent months. One of the nice things about him is we could actually blabber about anything, YES ANYTHING. We could chat until 1 or 2 am and our best record is 4 am. Could you imagine that??? Yea that is exactly what happens when 2 talkative people talk. Feeling grateful to have him as best friend whom I can confide in. Well he almost understands me as well as I understand myself and maybe that's why our chats are so lively. Someone whom can bear my talkative self is awesome, hence he is a little awesome (teehee)

Well sometimes I wish everything good would stay stagnant. And i wish everyone good never leaves. But only a naive thinks like that because life goes on. Like a roller coaster ride, sometimes life brings you to top and bottom. Enjoy the ride and you'll be fine!

And Mr. Time could you please slow down a tad. I am freaking out here bcs you elapse really fast and I am afraid I can't keep up with your pace.

Till next time! xx

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