Wednesday, October 3, 2012

then i realized

Hi guys. Sorry for not updating this blog frequently. I was so busy -___-  loads of homework and quizzes keep on haunting me. So depressed because of this new system.

So today we were having biology quiz. Nights before the quiz, i didn't study at all. I knew it was my fault. Then, yesterday, i did study. But, time ticks fast and i hadn't memorized all the materials. After struggling for a few hours, i was desperate. I know that i wouldn't make it. So, i slept and let all the worries flow with my dream.

It's the day! I was so freaking afraid that the materials would come out from campbell or other sophisticated and advanced books. Plus, my friend's friend told me that there might be some questions out from the text book we learnt. So, she suggested me to use google. Just imagine, i sit on the second column, row 2, in front of me there were no people, because two of my friends were absent and they moved to another seat which is less scarier than sitting on row 1. P.S. i am not blaming them and i would never do it because they were doing the right thing. So i planned to move our the desk behind row 5, second column. While we were moving the desk, some of my classmates started yelling at us. Yes, i know we were doing a selfish deed. The reason why they yelled at us because they are afraid that if we moved, the second column would look peculiar and the teacher would be monitoring us from behind. I was on a massive dilemma. I had to choose either friendship or a nice bio score. After a long consideration, jane suddenly decided to sit on our original seat and she let me to stay on the wicked seat. Of couse, i am not a jerk. I would never want my bestie to suffer herself while i heavenly sit on the wicked seat to cheat. No way. So, in a flash, i moved all my stuffs back to my desk. Then, the deer came in....

During the test, I tried to cheat. I opened the text book, prepared my phone so that i can search the answer through google. But, the reality, when i tried to peek the book, my heart's beating fast, my hand was as cold as snow. Aigooooo my bad for having 'mental tempe'. I succeeded copied some phrases from text book. And the rest questions i answered them based on what i learnt because deer kept staring at us. EPIC FAIL

well,  we shouldn't have moved to the back row if in the end we moved back to the original seat. Ckck. So that's all. I would like to apologize to you guys because we had been arrogant. Ummmmmmm adios.

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