Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ashamed. This word suits me the best. Lemme tell you why.

This morning, i got my monthly test tabulation. My scores are so freaking bad. As predicted, math is burned by super hooooot fire. Well, actually i dont really sad because days before math exam, i had mentally prepared that i would get bad score. The distressing one is my chemistry score. It's really unpredictable and i hate it to the coreeee. Ignore my babble. 

Now, i realize and i hate the fact that principle teaches us chemistry. He is super duper merciless and i think i prefer the former teacher. Grrrrrrr this morning he said that almost half of the class get red marks. Even there is someone who got 30. Ohmygod. I am so freaking afraid that i am one of them. Desperate

Pardon me, i know there are many grammatical errors on this post. Just ignore it. I am not in mood to type. Hufffftttttttt

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