Friday, December 21, 2012

an epic 'doomsday' (?)

They said 21/12/12 was a doomsday, well, it was not for me. 21/12/12 is obviously the day which brings happiness to me. Today was really something :p

So, today we had maths exam. As you you know, the subject that i hate the most is MATHEMATICS. It's like a nightmare for me. My previous scores for maths were really low which means i have to put more effort to cover up my bad scores. The day before exam, i almost cried because of maths. Trigonometry is the way too complicated for me. Seriously. I even had an agreement to myself, if my score is above 75, i will laugh for 5 mins non-stop in front of my friends. It might sound very silly, i know. So last night i kept motivating myself that i can do it. Yea, sometimes self-confidence is crucially needed and i proved it today. Although i didn't get perfect score, but i was happier than having a perfect score for another subject. I was really thankful and one word: elated.

After exam, since today was the last day of torturing exam, we (Jane, Jevlin, Delfina, Angeline, Wenderlin, Samto, Devin, Malvin, Andy and i) planned to go chilling out at thamrin plaza. We had lunch at QQ and went to cinema to watch Silent Hill 2. The movie was quite flat and i don't like it. I still prefer The Possession though. After the cinema, we went to The Haunted Mansion (lol ane lebay :p) rumah hantu which takes Titanic Ghosts as the theme. LOL it was so ridiculous because when we got inside, we only saw a pirate ghost and the rest are local ghosts, like pocong, kuntilanak, etc. This rumah hantu was really congested. We waited like 20 mins to queue. When we were on the queue, we planned some strategies like don't scream 'aaaaa' when you're scared, but yell 'baca pre-U yieeaakk' instead. Holding hands tightly so that you couldn't get lost (?) and do not push each other and don't run. Lolll. The track is quite long and dark and full of ghosts who will chase on you. It was fun after all. hahahaha!

So, here comes my holidayyyy. But i haven't thought of sth worth to do on holiday. Hmmmmms. Adios, have a nice holiday guys :D

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