Sunday, December 2, 2012

the hangout

today, i went to sun plaza with my singaporean cousin. we watched 'the possession' at sun 21. the movie was so scary and nice. then, we talked about like almost everything. she told me about her life in singapore and i just found out that singaporean chinese teenagers and medanese chinese teenagers have complete different styles. for example:
singaporean teenagers wear casual outfits, what i mean by casual is they never wear high-heels and dress at malls. they only wear them on special occasion like parties. at malls, they only wear t-shirts, jeans with flip-flop or sneakers, and less make-up. some (i said some, not all :p) of medanese teenagers (i am excluded :P) wear high-heels, u-can-see shirts, hot-pants, mini-skirt, blazer, boots, dress, make-ups, a hand bag on left hand, and a gadget (like iPad) on right hand. she told me that medanese teenagers are too 'over'. well, i agree. 

singaporean teenagers are really liberal. it's like they are free to go out at night and go home at almost midnight. moreover, she told me that hugging, kissing, and cuddling are very common. i was surprised. she also told me that 3/4 of students are smoking at her school. wow, this is insane -_- (i don't know teenagers from other school, so i compare it with my schoolmates, no offense but i think we are morally better :x)

P.S. this is so subjective and i wrote it based on my opinion. no offense.

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