Friday, February 15, 2013

Life is like a somersault

A devastating news is again booming against us. A couple who initially had beautiful valentine's day turned out to be deadly trip. The story begins when they were going home. The guy drove the car at freeway with high speed at night. Because of lacking lights or whatever the reasons, suddenly the car crashed into a container lorry. The guy managed to jump out successfully. But ironically, the sixteen-year-old girl didn't manage to escape and perished at the location. What a pity, she was a beautiful young girl but she got a tear-jerking ending.

We, as a living human, should start appreciating every single second that we have. Spend it wisely and fill it with happiness so that you won't leave this world regretfully. Count your blessings, stop complaining, be thankful. Love and respect yourselves more. God bless us. 

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