Wednesday, February 13, 2013

(not a) guilty pleasure

hello guys :) how's your chinese new year? is your hunting for ang pows nice? lolololol jk. :p
yesterday we went to a very vintage western restaurant. its name is Omlandia. have you ever heard of it? its location is quite far from my house, approximately 13 km from my house, but it's not that far if your house is located near the airport. omlandia is located at jalan namorambe raya no 129, kec. namo rambe, kab deli serdang. 

the resto itself is very calm, remain unpolluted, not too crowded and a nice place to escape from your daily routine. the waitress told us that the resto is quite crowded at night, and most of the visitors are western people. hmm. 

about the food? the resto serves western food with affordable price. not too costly if compared with other similar restos. the food is yummy too! but the only bad point is the orders are too slow to be served. overall, this resto is recommended :)

actually the chicken steak is served with french fries or mashed potatoes. but since we are soooo hungry, we chose rice instead. teehee

the fish steak is very tender and yummyyy :9

 those vintage toys. hiiyyyy

the stained glass lamp. very antique!

P.S. do you know why i put (not a) on title? 
well, because we skinny people never feel guilty after consuming high-calorie food :p
bye :)

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