Wednesday, May 29, 2013

morose + moronic = me

Erghhhhh I feel like pouring out my thoughts on twitter but twitter is very public and everyone will immediately comment on it and I will be ashamed. Blah blah blah. Don't bother to read because I write nonsense here. :)

Seriously I am very fed up now. I feel like burning all my maths books, papers and every single thing related to maths. I've tried so hard to like this subject but the more I tried, the more I got frustrated. So today was maths exam. My friend told me that the questions would be easy to solve and 80% of the questions were taken from pm. He also told me that plus class students wouldn't fail it. Plus students who score lower than 90 are considered idiotic (paice in hokkian) and regular students who score lower than 75 are idiotic. HAHA. Eh not funny K? I was so happy and thankful that time. I thought, "Wow this is my last chance to cover up my previous score. Gotta do my best." Here comes the monster day. Having arrived at school and gathered at canteen as usual with classmates, my confident level drastically dropped, idk why. I became a worrywart and I started imagining that I'd fail the test. During the test, I could solve most of the questions easily. Yes ofc I got some troubles solving some hardcore questions. But at least I was confident and sure that this time I wouldn't fail. Test was over and we checked our answers with friends. How disappointing, I chose so many wrong answers. Idk what struck me on exam room til I made so manyyyy mistakes ergh, I am paice kuadrat! Everyone's happy today, esp my classmates. They passed maths exam with flying colours, oh how envy :(

I'm just unable to understand myself. The previous maths test was also very easy, but I was so careless and made dumb mistakes. This time also. What's up with me seriously? Am I that dumb? Stressed out. Ok I just don't want to care about it now. I really wanna graduate from high school soon and bid farewell to maths like for good. I am so not gonna take any major related to maths later on uni!

Being told to love maths is like telling a dolphin to climb the highest mountain. Lol sounds exaggerating, a lot.

3 days left and we will be having farewell party with my buddies somewhere out from town! Woohoooooooo, can't wait xx

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