Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the end of year 2

Today is officially the last day studying at my favorite(?) class. 1 academic year has been over in a blink of an eye. It feels like I was just entering x1, and now I left xi science 1 already. Too rapid. Oh please, return every single second I wasted on nothing :( I think the time is on fast-forward mode. I remember how I used to wish time could elapse faster on primary sch. But now I am seriously not keen on the fast forward thingy. I still wanna enjoy my high school life. They said in year 3 we will be busy preparing uni thingy. Ergh I hate it.

Btw year 2 had been awesome. Despite having some exasperating classmates and weirdos, overall everything was good. The teachers whom I thought they were worse than year 1 teachers had successfully proved me wrong. Esp our form teacher, Bu Ng Tjiek Kie. Though she appeared fierce (formerly), but I know she is a very nice and kind teacher. We even had a class photo session with her :D

Girls ♡

They said, "Appreciate your precious moment when it still lasts or you will regret for good." Indeed :)


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