Sunday, August 31, 2014


I looked back to my past loaded with so many bitter-sweet memories. I try to picture myself as an infant through series of photos bcs obviously i forgot how it felt to be a baby (people say that everyone has minor amnesia, which means we can't remember anything related to the first 2 years of our lives). How easy it was to be an infant and cute toddler because all you did was waking up to loving parents, drinking milk, crying, sleeping and the cycle went on. But it seemed like an invisible stage of your life bcs we didn't have any vision about our infant and toddler life. Well, it obviously was not my favorite stage of life. 

Subsequently, we reached our preschool years. I didn't remember much. Only the joy i had along with my fellow friend and cousin when it was recess time, bcs we would spend it running and playing around school yard plus seeking for caterpillars (YEP! We were naughty). Seems like it was the only memory i had lol. 

My primary school years were mediocre. I still recalled i was that smart and self-centered girl. I used to think that i am the best and everyone else is a step behind me (here's the dirty little secret, i always got 2nd rank, only got 1st once). My friends were little at class, yea because of my selfishness. But i changed, didn't i? 

Junior high school. Hmm the years when all your hormones show off. I did so many embarrassing things during those years. Having your first crush, texting with alien language (re: alay), editing your selfies with oh-my-God-why filters, stickers, texts (oh you still could find those embarrassing photos, just type 'veronicaphing' on google photos.) Jhs 3 was when i found out who i really was and the real meaning of friendship.

Senior high school. The most colorful phase of my life. OMG I WANNA GO BACK (or not). Despite the distressing exams, annoying teachers, endless assignments, childish dramas and huge burden, the fun parts paid it off. Seriously, i had no regret and i sincerely thank myself for having fun (while maintaning nice scores [except bloody math]). I am so so sooo grateful that i met a bunch of nice people whom i can always count on. Without them, my life would be in monochrome. Though we are now separated into different parts of the world, i have huge faith that we will meet again! Missing each one of you so badddddd alrd. 

Here's what i am trying to say. I had a lot of stupid and embarrassing experience, but who cares? It's over! No matter how notorious or preposterous you are, soon, all of em will be your past. Everything will pass and you're gonna be alright. Let us strive to be a better person and let time heal what's incurable. Don't ever give up. You can't change your past. Make the best of your present. Future is still a mystery yet it brings hope. :)

P.S. i'm starting my college life technically tomorrow (well, it's sunday already). Tbh i am not excited. More like nervous.
P.P.S. my longest holiday in my life is about to be over. Frankly, so many things happened during my holiday (so glad). And it's the least boring holiday ever!
P.P.P.S. tonight is my last night as a night owl. I am sooooo gonna miss being night owl, especially spending those nights with the right person. Well, say hello to veronica, the early bird!
P.P.P.P.S. seems like i need to stop this p.s. thingy. Thank you for spending your few minutes reading this post. Much love! xxxx

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