Thursday, September 18, 2014

yay or nay?

Yep, feeling grateful! Tho i know we were the last generation whose photos of us weren't taken using mobile phones. Who cares. I still remember playing mamasak (cooking) using plants as the ingredients with neighbors. I still remember i used to go to neighbor's home so that we could play dokter-dokteran (doctors and nurses) using stuffed animals as our patients. Playing dramas as fruit sellers using monopoly fake money. Playing congkak with cousins. Tag and hide-and-seek almost every day! And soooo many more. My childhood was pretty tho i was a bit rebellious lol. 

I wonder what kids nowadays would tell their future kids about their childhood. Oh maybe, they would say: hey kid, you know what. Mommy used to have 1760 followers including Justin Bieber on twitter, my ig photo was liked by 7802 people, i had 27605 different selfie poses on iphone, your grandparents bought me iPad, iPad mini, iPad air, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Galaxy S5, Note4, Xbox 360, PS 4, blablablabla. My favorite song was Anaconda by Nicki Minaj (eww). My favorite tv show was Silet! And i loved Ahmad Dhani LOL. Just kidding :) Technology ruins you. Unobtrusively. And i am so ruined that i won't go a day without my phone huhuhuhu

Till next time! xx

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  1. I never get to know you, although I am always around. I have the chance to get to know you but, I never did. I never knew this side of you yet it's a beautiful side to learn more about you without ever talking directly.