Monday, July 23, 2012


Something terrible happened. This noon, Jane and i were having lunch at food stall near school. We ordered fried kwetiau and fried noodle. We were waiting for about 15 minutes. During that 15 mins, we were chatting, and blabla :p when we started munching our food, "duaaaarrrrr" an explosion was heard from another food stall beside the food stall where we ate.  Formerly, i thought it was just an ordinary explosion, like motorcycle's tire was explode or what. It was LPG explosion. Then, i heard women and many students went out and screamed. Suddenly, some people who were eating went out and screamed fireeeee! Some people splashed water to extinguish fire. Then, jane and i panicked. All i wanna do was ran away from that creepy place and went back to class. But before i went back to school, jane stopped me and i took a glance. She reminded me to pay for the food we ordered. Oh la la, such a forgetful person i am. When i saw the black smoke from that stall, i started trembling. That scene was really creepy.

I hope that scene will soon be vanished from my brain :( God bless...

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