Saturday, July 14, 2012

first week of school

Time flies. Sometimes it's unbelievable that time flies so swiftly...

First week of school has passed. 

Teachers are all good to us, though i prefer senior 1 teachers. I think my recent teachers are more serious and have that 'cold' feeling, though there are still funny teachers. If headmaster allows me to change some teachers, i will be glad! i will replace our biology, math, P.E, computer and civics teachers with the former ones. Teehee :p *for real, i miss Bu Lie Lie so much* *sobs* *.....and bapak running man* ok, new term, new teachers -.-

Hmm, classmates. The faces are still the same, excluding 4 new students. The shocking news was Diba and WJ moved to regular class. It's not that their scores were bad or what, but they decided to move by themselves. Anyway, we should respect their own decision :-) we will miss you :')

For me, school is a nice place where you can chit chat with friends and have fun. But it ain't a pleasant place when they come. they are bunches of homework and stressing exams.