Wednesday, April 10, 2013

everyone hates bidding farewell

Today is the last day of being students for our seniors. Seeing them shed tears really make my heart sick. Looking at their piteous face get me goosebumps. I am wondering how sad I will be exactly next year. I really like my current classmates (in general *u know what I mean*). They are very unique! Some are as quite as mice, some are the real chatterboxes, some show lots of zealousness, some seem so apathetic, some are overly confident, some are diffident, some hate maths, some adore maths, and more! Uniqueness makes us unite. Even though I feel that we are less-united compared to last year. No offense hehe. Back to the topic, though it's our seniors who get graduated, but I feel a little blue too. I hope that my last year of school can be the most memorable one! Ya know it's a little early to say abt it, but whatever haha. Year 1 was beautiful and year 2 has been really nice, but both were not stunning enough. Therefore I expect year 3 to be amazingly unforgettable. I may seem so alaylebay but never mind, I just wanna share sth :p bye!

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