Tuesday, April 9, 2013

when words eerily mean nothing

Hehehe! I know the title isn't related to this post.

I really feel like pouring everything out on this blog, but I just don't know how to start it. Whenever I get an inspiration to write something, words on my mind get uncooperative, mess up, dance like a ballerina(?) and finally vanish thus I end up typing nothing. I shall try, no matter what, to post something tonight. (though it's unimportant, better than nothing :p). teehee.

Drowning in confusion, I should say. I've been in lotsa dilemmas nowadays. Things happen and I don't manage to make decision. I get stressed and then after finding a solution, another problem comes. I become more delicate and more likely to get exasperated. Lol though I always appear playful, you cannot figure out what's inside me, right? Well, hopefully I can still cope with it. Inhale....... Exhale.........

Good night! Adios :B

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