Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This couple of days I was busy reading an opulent juvenile's blog in which the writer has extravagant lifestyle (say her initial is X, this is fake initial) and also a wealthy teenager's blog whose lifestyle is more unpretentious (say her initial is Y, also fake) than the one I mentioned before. I'm really flabbergasted to know that even though both of them are very rich, they show different attitudes. X has a tendency to show off her belongings, her wealth, her whatsoever luxurious stuffs on instagram. You know, that is really exasperatingly arrogant. Everyone knows that you are a rich person, so what's the purpose of showing off your pricey sport car, precious-stone jewellery or even costly Europe handmade handbags? Seriously, even a daughter of President doesn't act like that. She acts the way too flamboyant. While X is busy showing off her richness, acting like a materialistic princess, Y is eminently amicable towards everyone. She is down-to-earth. I do adore this kind of people.

By the way, I know interfering someone's business is abominable. But I cannot stand her arrogance. I know this post won't be read by X anyway, because we hardly know each other. Sorry for being judgmental.


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