Friday, August 3, 2012

the hectic week

This week has really messed me up. All assignments and quizzes come to me at once and the deadlines are so close since all scores should be submitted by August 6. Big thanks to sutomo. I think sutomo should remain their former system which is easier for us. The new system is too burdensome for me.

For homework's sake, i sleep at 11 every night and wake up at 6. Normally, i sleep at 10, and 60 minutes make a huge difference for me. Our teachers are so merciless. They give loadsssssss of homework and i think this is just the beginning of the ordeal. Year two is really absolutely definitely earnestly tough.

Nowadays, i looked so lugubrious and desperate. Well, i am afraid of sth that is something that i am afraid the most. Ok, pardon my stupid murmur.

Anyway, the first monthly exam is drawing closer. And guess what, i do it once again. No significant preparation. Teehee. My tutor said 1st monthly test is just a kind of 'bonus stage', the real one is 2nd monthly test. Hmm, i hesitate with that sentence. On quizzes, i even didn't do so well, so how about the exam? Ckck.

Hmm why am i so slothful? I've been searching for an answer since a long time ago and the answer seems impossible to be found. Hmm

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