Wednesday, August 22, 2012

always be thankful :)

This post will be quite long. Hehe found the inspiration while watching daai tv true story dramas. Enjoy :D

When you think that your life is so atrocious, believe me there are more people in this world who have tougher life than yours and they are still living their life positively.

When you think that you hate school because of the stupid exams, lots of assignment, school dramas and obnoxious teachers, believe me that there are so many poor adolescent that even don't have chances to taste the excitements of school.

When you think that your family is not as wealthy as others, believe me you are more lucky than those who even don't have houses to reside in, decent clothes to wear, and three-time meals to eat each day.

When you keep grumbling because the internet connection is so lame, you are more lucky than those people who even don't know what is internet. You can still read this blog post, though.

When you think that your today's meals aren't scrumptious enough, there are millions of people died because of starvation, millions of poor who eat cassava porridge without any side dishes every single day. Okay, just stop comparing what your friends eat and what you eat. Because sushi and nasi padang make no difference, they are basically made of rice though.

When you feel that you lack of your parents' attention, please reconsider those orphans who even don't have parents and they are still able to live happily with other orphans as well at orphanage.

When you feel that you hate your holiday so much because your family don't go overseas for vacation, just shut up and enjoy your vacation in your own way in town. You can visit town's museums, parks, malls or just staying at home doing what you are supposed to do. You are so lucky, because there are people who need to work even though it is holiday.

At last but not least, be thankful of who you are, because how hard your life is, God will always give you the way. Life is too short for us to compare our life with others' life. God bless.

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