Thursday, August 16, 2012


YAY! Finally a week of torturing exams has elapsed. So elated

My 1st monthly exam's scores weren't satisfying. I got many bad marks, i even got 1 burned mark. it's maths, well my bad. Thankfully physics, mandarin, biology, civics, and english scores were good, though there were no perfect scores. Teehee.

During the exam, i studied like crazy, particularly when i was studying biology, i wasted 7 hours to memorize it all. Well, not exactly 7 hours because i wasted some to procrastinate hehe. Cramming is a tough job, but it gives kinda different satisfaction when you succeed on getting high scores. don't mind this crazy principle because only idle person like me will use it. LOL

So, eventually it's holiday again, tho it only lasts for 1 week. I don't have any plans to fill my holiday. I guess it will be boring week. Do you have any ideas? Don't tell me to touch my books. I ain't touch my books for 1 week. I will not. 

See ya on the next post. Adiosssss ~

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