Thursday, January 31, 2013

h e l l o o .

Hello folks. Sorry for my absence. Hehehe.
2013 is a fantastic year. Well, at least it has been nice until today. *Exclude truck loads of assignments and daily quizzes.* hmm, school school school. What am I gonna do after graduating? This question keeps echoing. Formerly, I wanna take law. Because my parents say that being a notary is a nice option bcs it offers stable income. Hmms. Then after a deep consideration, I found myself than I don't belong to social majority. Also I know deep inside myself, I don't really like science subjects. I earnestly hate maths and physics. I dislike chemistry too. I used to have much interest in biology, but seems like it fades a lot. Pathetic. Though there is one year to go, but I need to determine what major should I take later on. Many people suggest me to become a doctor. But buehh, I'm not intelligent enough. I may get an additional degree called MA (mahasiswa abadi). Lololol. Finally, I choose dentistry. When there's a will, there's a way. Teehee. I'm not 100% sure abt that since I'm so fickle-minded. Hmm let's see what will happen to me a year later :b

Btw, I'm reading Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. I finished book 1 (Divergent) and I'm currently reading book 2 (Insurgent). The story is very thrilling aaaaaa so addicted :P

okay so bye gbu don't worry be happy good night :)

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