Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yay! It works :)

So maybe next time I'm gonna use email to post. It's way so beneficial for me since at my home, we don't have wifi, modem and tab have no credit, thus, no internet :( so, I use my phone :p

Hmm, my holidays are over soon and school is gonna be reopened on Monday. I am still not ready for school because of homework, and yeah sleepless nights are awaiting (only have 7-8 hrs to sleep). I always love holiday because I can stay awake until wee hours and then sleep until noon, hmm life's good!

But also, holiday has plus-minus. The good things are you can really enjoy yourself, do anything that you love, etc. But, the bad thing is you are not discipline (well it is for me) :P teehee

My christmas-and-new-year holiday (or so called winter holiday, ah whtvr) are soooo boring. We only went to malls, and thankfully my parents brought us to bukit lawang. People go to bukit lawang to go swimming but peculiarly, mom and I didn't swim LOL it's better to swim at swimming pools, right? Ckck. Later, bcs my bro and dad only 'splashing' water for 1 hour, we went into the forest (with a map as the guide ckck). Actually the forest isn't that creepy, bcs it has many signs, like ecotrail 1, ecotrail 2, etc so we couldn't get lost. Our destination was the bat cave, and the route was so long ±5 km -___- you can imagine right, walking on muddy and slippery paths using flip flops. Woah, but finally we made it. So fatigued yet ecstatic :)
So, how about your holiday? :)

Ahh, forgot to mention, we will get our report card soon!!! I'm very scared *shivering* *sobs* T____T

Adios fellas :)
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